Lecture series building culture in Marl

A series of lectures on architecture and urban planning in the city of Marl can talk about a large pool of topics. A first series of lectures starts with the town hall, probably the most important monument in the city, as well as urban planning topics to outline the urban development of Marl.

But the framework for further lectures is much broader - the Scharoun School or Günther Marschall as an architect and urban planner are presented in a continuation of the series.

Thursday 29.09.22 at 7 p.m
Alexandra Apfelbaum: The Marl Town Hall - Built Utopia

Thursday 20.10.22 at 7 p.m
Carsten Müller: Philharmonia Hungarica - a story from Marl

Thursday 10.11.22 at 7 p.m
Hans Hanke: The standby settlement in Marl. A monument from the Nazi era

Thursday 24.11.22 at 7 p.m
Yasemin Utku: Marl - the green industrial city as a model for the region

The events are free. Registration under 02365/50356699 is requested.

Baukultur in Marl is organized by the Skulpturenmuseum and the insel VHS in cooperation with the Initiative ruhrmoderne e. V. organized.