Freundeskreis Habakuk

The Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten is financed financially and ideally by the Freundeskreis Habakuk. The Circle of Friends supports in particular the exhibition activities of the museum and helps with the purchase of works of art for the collection.
"Why do you let me see toil, and see the sorrow?" (Habakuk 1, 3). This suit did not go unheard and led to the founding of the charitable organization in 1993 with the official name "Freundeskreis Habakuk for the support of the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl".
Today, the support association has about 70 members. With the aim of financially supporting the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten at the organization of large exhibitions and important purchases, which went beyond what was previously customary, they supported the museums interests with commitment and imagination.However, with its help, the association does not want to leave the city of Marl out of its responsibility to the municipal museum, but to create the preconditions for maintaining, supporting and expanding the singular position of the museum in the Federal Republic.
The funds of the association are: exhibitions, which are co-financed, e.g. The annual series "exhibited presents", with which artists such as Günther Uecker and Richard Serra could be brought to Marl.
Purchases wholly or partly financed, e.g. The cell "Close Call" by James Turrell and the sculpture "Distribution of the Saat - Collecting the Ashes" by Jochen Gerz.
From individual members:
Purchase of works of art cofinanced;
Exhibitions subsidized;
Artworks provided or loaned;
Assistance in the transport of works of art, casting of pedestals, printing of invitations and much more;
Sponsors found outside the association;
Intellectual support provided by developing and bringing forward new ideas, e.g. The urgently needed expansion of the museum.

The circle of friends introduces itself

The aim of the support association was (and is) to help expand the work of the then still young museum and to accompany the conceptual development through ideal and financial support.

From today's point of view, both have succeeded. In times of empty municipal coffers, including the city of Marl as the bearer of the museum for years, Habakuk has, in the past two decades, contributed significantly to the fact that the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl is today a highly regional and internationally renowned institution.

The goal of the support association has remained the same until today. We are looking for friends who can imagine to stand for the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl and the modern art directions represented by it and to support it.

Your advantages as a member

They do not just have obligations - they also have advantages:

  • Invitation to all events of the sponsoring association as well as to the previews of the exhibitions of the museum
  • Participation in organized trips to overregional important events of the fine arts or to arthistorically significant sites
  • Encounters and conversations with artists
  • Consultation on all aspects of fine arts

The annual membership fee for each member is 40 euros. In addition, an annual donation of 600 euros is requested, which is tax-deductible.

Further information

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