RuhrKunstUrban – Museum meets the city

RuhrKunstUrban is a cooperation and mediation project of the 21 RuhrKunstMuseen for schools (2019 - 2022). Following the previous project RuhrKunstNachbarn (2017-2019), the educational program RuhrKunstUrban – Museum meets the city, again funded by the Mercator Foundation, focuses its attention more on the urban environment of the students and strives for a publicly visible project in the respective urban space of the RuhrKunstMuseen.

The 21 art museums in the Ruhr region joined together in 2010 to form the RuhrKunstMuseen network. Since then, this has also established itself outside the region with its programs and special educational and mediation offers such as Collection Tours, RuhrKunstNachbarn or the development of a common school matrix. The current RuhrKunstUrban project strengthens the network of RuhrKunstMuseen and intensifies cooperation with schools in the region. In addition to the school as a familiar place and the museum as an extracurricular place, the educational project also looks for a project space in the city of the respective museum as a "third place". A “third place” can be a neighborhood shop, a library, an animal enclosure or even an observatory. In the RuhrKunstUrban project, these places are conceived as an extension of the museum space and integrated into the concept, taking into account their specific qualities as a studio and exhibition space. In a variety of workshops, children and young people of all ages and all types of school get to know the artistic approaches and strategies of the collections of the RuhrKunstMuseen, which support and encourage them to consciously perceive their urban space and actively influence it. This is how artistic interventions are created that question urban spaces or put them in a new light. But the students also put on their own exhibitions, in which they use their own works to approach the respective place, experience or sight in an artistic way.

RuhrKunstUrban is funded by the Mercator Foundation, which, like the RuhrKunstMuseen, is committed to equal access opportunities to cultural education offerings and to a visible opening and stable networking of museums with urban society. Dealing with the diversity of urban spaces has great potential in terms of content and offers valuable impetus for artistic processes in working with the students.

The comprehensive visibility in the urban environment should break down barriers and win multipliers for the mediation work. The artistic interventions by students visualize museum educational work and at the same time appropriate public space.

For more information see Projektbüro RuhrKunstUrban:
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