03. February 2019

Finissage of the Marl Media Art Awards 2018



to the finissage of the Marl Media Art Awards 2018

on Sunday, 3rd of February at 3 pm in the Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl

  • Presentation of the catalog for the exhibition
  • Performance by Wolfgang Spahn

Wolfgang Spahn's unique performance „Self-Similarity“ relates to Madelbrot's ideas by displaying sonification and visualization of fractal systems. Analog computer and analog neural systems communicate with the self-similarity of Patagonia's nature on both huge and macroscopic scale.

The audio-visual performance „Self-Similarity“ displays patterns and structures of lichen, ferns, moss, and seaweed as well as patterns and structures generated by technology. The data stream of a digital projector is transformed into sound, thus audio-visually presenting the electromagnetic-fields generated by coils and motors. By hacking VGA signals, amplifying their sound and implementing both aspects in his performance Spahn visualizes the importance of the machine as an integral part of his art.

The exhibition of the Marle Media Art Awards is open until 6pm this Sunday.